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In Our Pantry: Club Soda

The bubbles that make this fizzy water so refreshing -- on its own or in cocktails -- can also transform other drinks and all kinds of dishes.

Photography by: YASU+JUNKO
Club soda, like seltzer, is carbonated water. But it also has ingredients, such as potassium bicarbonate, that give it a slight saltiness.

Use club soda to add a frothy topping to iced coffee for a Caffe Americano Fizz:

Photography by: Bryan Gardner
Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Also use it to lighten a Creamy Herb Dressing for salad, mix together an Extra-Crisp Vegetable Tempura batter, and serve a Bubbly Lemon Gelee dessert that really sparkles.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Q Drinks

A dash of Himalayan sea salt subtly flavors this Brooklyn brand.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner


Stock up on this classic and inexpensive soda, found at many grocery stores.