Deputy food editor Greg Lofts shows us.


Often recipes call for one or two cloves of garlic, crushed. Not sliced or minced, but crushed. So what's the best way to crush garlic? We asked our deputy food editor Greg Lofts to show us how.

You'll be glad to hear it's really very simple. To crush a clove of garlic, place the clove on a chopping board. Take a heavy knife, such as a chef's knife, and place the blade flat on the clove (sharp side facing away from you). Use the heel of your hand to press the blade down on the clove. You can smash your hand down onto the side of the blade if you are into theatrics but a solid press should be enough to crush the clove.

Time-saver: You don't even need to peel the clove before crushing as the skin loosens when you crush the clove.

You can also crush a clove using your palm though that is more difficult -- and might hurt a little more -- than using the weight of the chef's knife.

Now that you have mastered the crushing, perhaps you're ready for slicing and chopping garlic?

If you're feeling very advanced, watch how to make garlic paste:


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