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Easy DIY Picnic Blanket Carrier

Make this clever carrier, and tote your picnic bag like a yoga mat for easier transportation.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer

In the summer, a spontaneous picnic is always a nice option. Stay at the ready with a stylish, easy-to-assemble blanket carrier. To make, cut one 10-inch and two 27-inch strips of heavyweight leather. You’ll use screw punch (A) to make holes in the leather strips, and button studs (B) as fasteners to join the pieces and to secure the strips around the blanket. For the placement of holes on the strips and assembly instructions, see this diagram. To use the carrier, roll up a blanket, wrap the long strips around it, and secure with the button studs.


Screw punch, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $25,
Leather strips, 5/8", in Heavyweight Natural Cowhide, $9.50 for 50"; and screwback button studs, 8 mm, in Gilt, $3.50 each,
Twin Broad-Stripe wool blanket, in India Ink/Natural, $133,