When the comedic queen of Twitter, Kelly Oxford, decided it was time to furnish her oversize family room, she called on the help of Orlando Soria, West Coast creative director at Homepolish. The result: Well, take a look!
Kelly Oxford's Los Angeles Home Designed by Homepolish

Soria previously worked on designing Kelly Oxford's office, so he was one of the first people she thought of when she needed to decorate the Los Angeles home she shares with her husband and three children. The inspiration: midcentury Palm Springs with a healthy dose of vintage kitsch -- Oxford has an affinity for all things weird and quirky.

Kelly Oxford's Family Room Designed by Homepolish

The house already lent itself well to the midcentury style with its floor-to-ceiling windows and modern lines. The main challenge was to furnish a space this large. The answer: Create three distinct living areas. The TV space toward the back was outfitted with a sleek teal sectional perfect for lounging family time. The middle section was transformed into a conversation-friendly entertaining area with two sofas facing each other and a quirky pouf (snagged at a local flea market) as extra seating.

Kelly Oxford's Los Angeles Dining Area Designed by Homepolish

The third area, complete with a fully stocked wet bar, became the dining room. Orlando visually separated the room using three identical (and affordable!) jute rugs.

Kelly Oxford's Los Angeles Home Designed by Homepolish

Oxford's playful personality came through in humorous accents, like the custom-made banana pillows. Oxford and Soria's love for wit and banter is palatable in the overall personality of the space -- everything feels lighthearted and easy-going.

Kelly Oxford and Orlando Soria of Homepolish
Kelly Oxford and Orlando Soria.

As creative director, Soria works on many of Homepolish's top projects (including celebrity clients) and has contributed greatly in building the interior design company into what it is today: an online-based high-quality affordable alternative to traditional interior design, available in most major American cities. His impeccable sense of style and cheerful approachable personality (he was once an on-camera designer for HGTV) has helped him land top-notch projects with big personalities like Kelly Oxford's. Yet the brand remains deeply rooted in providing superior quality interior design to every day Americans with all kinds of projects and budgets, no matter how big or small.


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