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Son-Flower Father's Day Card

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Cardstock in various colors (make sure you have a few yellow pieces)

  • Family photo

  • Adhesive foam dots


  1. First we make the card. With the paper trimmer, cut a piece of paper that is 7" x 10". Using the mini scoring board, score the piece of paper at 5 inches on the 10-inch end. Fold at crease.

  2. Punch child's photo with the X-Large Circle Punch (if you use the punch with the bottom facing up, you can see the area that will be punched).

  3. Punch a long strip of the vine trim and cut into stems and branches.

  4. Punch 7 hearts from yellow paper.

  5. Attach hearts to back of photo, with points facing out.

  6. Glue flower stem to card with glue pen.

  7. Using foam dots, attach bloom to card

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