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Fin-Tastic Fishy Father's Day Card

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart



  1. First we make the card. With the paper trimmer, cut a piece of paper that is 7" x 10". Using the mini scoring board, score the piece of paper at 5 inches on the 10-inch end. Fold at crease.

  2. Punch two hearts with the heart punch. Cut one heart down the center to make the two fins.  Score the other heart down the center with the mini scoring board.


    Use the jumbo circle punch to punch one circle. Then take that circle and punch again to create an almond shape for the fish’s body.


    Use the hammer and setter set to cut out the eye. Make a tiny triangle shaped cut with detail scissors to make the mouth.

  3. Use the paper trimmer to cut a piece of paper that is 5" x 4". Take a small circle punch, and cut half-circles along one 5 inch edge to make wave shapes. Bend a small piece of wire like a jewelry wire or a paper clip to make the hook and attach some baker’s twine for the line.


    Assemble the pieces and use the glue pen to adhere.

  4. Use your favorite glitter pen to write a nice message.

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