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3 Important Rules for Breaking Bad Habits

In nutrition school, we learned that any real change, any change that has any chance to really last -- really implement itself in your life -- takes three full weeks. There are emotional and physical components to change that our bodies need time to really let sink in.


Separately, our minds and bodies change with the seasons. We crave different things and even feel differently with different sensitivities, different motivations. I find the seasons always makes me motivated for some change, always for the better -- be it to get organized, healthy, fit, strong, or productive!


Sometimes, that means not only implementing new good habits, but breaking old bad habits! Here are a few tips for breaking bad habits in a few different departments:


Give it time!

Bad habits die hard. That is just the truth. So be patient with it. Know that it will be hard at first, but trust that you are strong enough.

Replace the bad with the good

During that period where you are craving whatever it is you cut out of your life, it’s an added benefit to fill that hole with something positive, whether it’s a healthy food or drink option, meditation, exercise, whatever it is that can create happiness in the void. Keep busy. Participate in the positive.

Make sure the bad habit is worth breaking

Don’t let go of anything in your life only because you think it’s the right thing, because someone told you to, or because you read it somewhere. Only let go of the things that are not serving you. Be in touch with your self and your body enough to know what is working and what isn’t. Only then can you decide what is worth cutting from your life and what is worth adding. You may be suprised to find that you know what's best for you.