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How to Host a Happy Hour Like Martha Stewart

Get acquainted with Martha’s secret weapon for entertaining: mind-boggling cocktails.

Here at Martha Stewart Living, it should come as no surprise that we love to throw parties.


You know, casual backyard affairs…


Sit-down dinners for 60 of our closest friends…

Photography by: Frederic Lagrange

We could write a book (or several) about our love of parties. Scratch that -- we already have!


But Martha likes to remind us that, all things equal, one key detail can make or break a party: the drinks. So how would Martha throw a cocktail party of her own?

Photography by: Chris Court

Of course, this isn’t college, so don’t even think about setting your friends loose on the bar cart.


Instead, the Martha credo calls for a signature cocktail “carefully made with fresh ingredients and the highest-quality alcohol, served in a beautiful glass.”

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Get the Blackberry-Plum Mojitos Recipe


Get the Sour-Cherry Mojitos Recipe


Martha learned this trick on the catering frontlines, back when she was running several events a week. A fruity big-batch drink that’s been made in advance relaxes the crowd (and the host and hostess), pretty much guaranteeing party success.

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Get the Pineapple-Mint Daiquiris Recipe


Her foolproof rules: “Start from scratch with ripe, unblemished fruits (what’s in season often determines the recipe); juicy citrus, always freshly squeezed; and excellent liquors and liqueurs. A great trick is to freeze some of the fruit juice to use as ice cubes -- they won’t dilute the drink as they melt.”

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Get the Ginger Caipirinhas Recipe


And this is why there’s no cocktail party quite like a Martha cocktail party.

Photography by: Marcus Nilsson

Get the Frozen Pomegranate Margaritas Recipe


We are not worthy!


Now get ready to shake it with Martha, because it's happy hour -- and everyone's invited.