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Mother's Day Gift: Monogrammed Napkins

Treat your mom to a special set of personalized cloth napkins stenciled in her favorite colors!

Monogrammed Napkins

If your mother likes to entertain, she can never have too many cloth napkins on hand. It is easy to transform basic white napkins into a personalized set with Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paint and a pretty letter stencil. They'll even hold up well in the washer so she can use them again and again!



- Cotton cloth dinner napkins

- Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paint

- Martha Stewart Monogram Stencil Set

- Foam brush

- Masking or painter's tape

Step 1

Step 1:

Position the stencil in the corner of the napkin and tape in place. Use a small amount of paint on a foam brush and apply an even layer to the stencil using a blotting motion until covered. Remove stencil and let dry.

Step 3

Step 2:

Run a strip of tape along the hem of the napkin. Run your finger along the edge of the tape to make sure it's flush to the napkin -- this will prevent any paint from seeping through. Apply an even layer of paint along the edge of the napkin below the tape. Let dry and add a second coat if necessary so that none of the white napkin shows through. Repeat this process for the other edges of the napkin.

Wrapped Napkins

A set of four or six napkins wrapped in a pretty bow will be sure to wow your mom!