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Excited About Ben & Jerry's New Burrito? Try Our Ice Cream Creations Instead

Sorry to break it to you, Ben and Jerry, but we've been scooping up creative, creamy concoctions long before your "burrito" came on the scene. Those might sound like fighting words, but when the ice cream giant announced itsĀ new waffle cone-wrapped "BRRR-ito" and sparked a collective cry of "we all scream for ice cream" among frozen treat lovers, we couldn't help but join in on all that sweetness.

Ice Cream Waffle Sandwich


When it comes to waffle wrappings, we think our waffle cookie sandwich trumps the waffle cone-wrapped burrito. Simply spread a scoop of your favorite flavor on a waffle cone cookie and top with another. Stacking them high with layers of every flavor is optional!

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Pistachio Bonbons


This bite-size dessert looks sophisticated, but it's far from complicated to make. All you need are three ingredients: Pistachio ice cream is hidden under a thick layer of semisweet chocolate -- and a generous sprinkling of chopped pistachios.

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Matzo Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream Cake


Chocolate or chocolate chip? It's a classic ice cream conundrum. If you can't decide, why not have both -- with ganache-covered matzo crackers!

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The surprise "frosting" on these adorable little cakes is actually scoops of gelato.

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Watermelon Bombe


Try this ice cream creation that was inspired by a cantaloupe cake Martha saw on a trip to France. And everyone will eat the rind!

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What are your favorite ways to eat ice cream?