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How to Make an Accent Wall Look Sophisticated

Truth be told, I'm not a fan of the accent wall. But if you insist on giving this trend a try, here’s how to do it in a fresh way.

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I blame reality TV for the accent wall’s dubious renaissance. Suddenly, everyone wants an instant home makeover. I get it — most of us don’t have months to spend redecorating, not to mention thousands of dollars.


But painting a single wall is not the answer. By now, the idea is no longer novel, so all your accent wall says is that a) you’re afraid of taking risks, or b) you ran out of paint.


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That said, I do believe there’s a way to elevate the idea. Go ahead and paint the wall ... but not all of it. Leave a few inches of space around the edges, so you’ve added a defined shape instead of a colorful blob. The look is much more intentional. Now, you’re a decorator, not a child filling in a paint-by-numbers kit.


Would you try this? Get my painting pointers here, and tell me: What do you think of accent walls?


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