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DIY Jewelry: Beaded Necklaces Make the Chicest Links

Keep yourself in the loop style-wise with these easy beaded necklaces, inspired by the new book Make a Statement, by Martha Stewart Weddings associate style editor Katie Covington. Simply link together beaded loops, then finish with pretty cord or ribbon ties. A handmade piece can be a gift that Mom will treasure long after Mother’s Day (and that you might just be tempted to keep for yourself!).

Photography: Sarah Anne Ward

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2015



FireLine fused thread, by Berkley, $11.50 for 50 yd.; metal cord ends, by JBB Findings, $3 each; and hematite, wooden, yellow-quartz, and agate beads, from $4.50 a strand,
Cordeliere cotton trim, 5 mm, $3 a yd.; Ultrasuede tape, 1/8", in Coral, $1 a yd.; and herringbone ribbon, 25 mm, in Natural, $1.50 a yd.,


Find more eye-catching, giftworthy jewelry and accessory projects in Make a Statement ($23,


  • Monofilament

  • Round or faceted beads

  • Cord, ribbon, or thin suede strips


  1. For center loop, cut a12-inch piece of monofilament. String on 10 to 14 beads. Triple-knot ends of monofilament so beads form a circle; thread excess back through beads.

  2. For other loops, cut pieces of monofilament to preferred loop size. (We cut 9-inch pieces for small loops and 16-inch pieces for larger ones.) String on beads. Pull strand through first loop, then triple-knot ends together.

  3. Continue adding loops on both sides of first loop until chain reaches desired length.

  4. Cut 2 pieces of cord, ribbon, or thin suede for ties. Tie a piece around last loop on each end of chain.

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