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Adding Dinner Table Flair: Tasseled Placemats

Looking for some table-setting inspiration? Revamp your old place mats by adding tassels and try to create this fun and flirty breakfast tablescape.



• Roll of abaca (or cotton) string

• 1.5-inch-wide cardboard strip

• Scissors

• Clear plastic thread

• Old (or new!) place mat, preferably made out of bamboo or natural fiber



Wrap the abaca string around the piece of cardboard around 20 times. 


Cut the spool of string loose from the spool you just created with the cardboard.


At one end, thread a piece of string under the string; tie a tight knot. 


On the other end, snip all the strings. 


Fold the bundle of strings in half and wrap a piece of string around the closed end -- about ¼ inch from the edge  -- and tie in a knot. It is more secure if you wrap the string around the tassel head a few times before securing the knot.


Create 20 tassels for one place mat, 10 for each side.


Thread one end of the clear thread through the placemat and knot the string multiple times to secure the tassel in place. Attach 10 tassels per side, about 1 inch apart. 


Set the table (or tray) for a delicious feast!