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Pretty Paper Flower Bouquet

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Source: Martha Stewart


  1. For the ferns, you'll need 1 piece of wire and 1 sticker per fern. Attach wire to adhesive back of fern. Secure with hot glue.

  2. Cover the wire with floral tape. Apply glitter to back of sticker. Bend to create an organic shape.

  3. To make the sticker flowers, use pliers to twist the tip of the wire into a spiral. Then bend the spiral 90 degrees to so that you have a mini platform for the flower to go up against. Use the hot glue gun to adhere a flower sticker to the platform. 

  4. To make the cupcake-wrapper flowers, repeat the spiral wire technique from step 3. You'll need one spiraled wire per flower. 

  5. Use the screw punch to punch a hole in the center of 3 mini and 2 standard cupcake liners. You can add more liners for a more voluminous flower. 

  6. Insert the end of the wire through the 3 mini liners. Apply hot glue on the spiral (the top of the wire) and push up the liners so that they stick to the glue. Pinch, twist, and crinkle the bottom of the liners to start forming your flower shape. Separate and fluff the liners. Let dry. 

  7. Add the 2 large liners under the minis. Apply hot glue at the base of the mini liners and adhere one large liner. Pinch, twist, and crinkle into desired shape. Add more glue to the new base and add another large liner. Continue as so until you have desired effect. Secure the pinched end with floral tape and continue wrapping to the bottom of the wire. 

  8. Combine your ferns, sticker flowers, and cupcake-liner flowers for a beautiful bouquet.

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