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What's in Martha's Kitchen Cleaning Kit?

How many of the cleaning products in your arsenal do you actually use? Ever feel like you have every cleaner ever made except the one you need? It's time to get your supplies in order! Here are tips from "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook."


Basic kitchen and cleaning supplies include the following:


∙ Mild dishwashing liquid
∙ All-purpose household cleaner
∙ Mild abrasive cleanser
∙ Baking soda
∙ White vinegar
∙ Glass cleaner
∙ Fresh sponges and older, used sponges for cleaning the oven
∙ A supply of soft, clean white cloths
∙ Kitchen brushes (pot and pan scrubbers and bottle brushes)
∙ Rubber gloves
∙ Stainless-steel, copper, and aluminum cleaners/polish
∙ Scouring pads (white nylon for everyday, and green nylon for tough jobs)
∙ Paper towels
∙ Microfiber cloths
∙ Toothbrush