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Fun Activities for Kids: Have a Field Day ... in Your Own Backyard

With these classic games and snacks (ice-cream sandwich, anyone?), youngsters won’t be the only ones who want in on the fun.


Start with some outdoor games with a (healthy) competitive spirit -- think relay races and tug-o’-war. Make your at-home event as simple or as fancy as you’d like: Use a necktie to conjoin partners for a three-legged race, do laps across the lawn with an egg on a spoon (gripped between your teeth, if you dare!), or whip out the horseshoes or badminton net for some slightly more highbrow fun.


An obstacle course is always a hit! Be creative -- add a rope swing or a balance beam. See our best ideas here, or just scatter a selection of flat(-ish) objects for a game of “Hot Lava” -- touch anything but the ground!


Once you’ve worked up a sweat, cool down with sprinklers or a game of hot potato using sponge balls (the eco-friendly alternative to water balloons).


End the day with ice-cream sandwiches, a nostalgic treat that never gets old. If a yard full of sugar-fueled youngsters sounds too much this late in the day, go for fruit-salad ice pops.

The best part: A field-day party can be thrown on a dime. If you’re short on traffic cones, volleyball nets, and other phys-ed staples, use our magic chalk paint to mark boundaries of play and use paper pinwheels to line the ground for obstacle courses.