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How to Make Easter Bunny Pom-Pom Decorations

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


Craft this adorable Easter decor in minutes with neon glitter and pom-poms from Martha Stewart Crafts.


  1. Using the white pom-poms from the decor kit, accordion-fold one stack of precut tissue paper along the prescored lines. Fold a length of wire in the middle of the stack, and wrap around the tissue-paper bundle. Twist several times to secure.

  2. Fan out the tissue paper by flattening out the folds: Starting on one side of the pom-pom, separate one sheet of tissue and pull it up and toward the center. Repeat with remaining sheets until you have a full pom-pom.

  3. Cut out the eyes, mouth, and ears out of white card stock using the template.

  4. Brush glittering glue to centers of bunny ears (do not apply glue or glitter to bottom 3/4 inch of ear -- that's where you will tape). Sprinkle glitter on glued area.

  5. Use double-sided tape to attach the eyes, mouth, and ears to the pom-pom.

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