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3 Simple Painted Birthday Card Ideas

Birthdays are special and should be treated as such. You can make them even more special with hand-painted birthday cards! Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t the most talented artist -- just have fun and let your creativity flow!


Noodles for Long Life

My family has a tradition where on every birthday we have a noodle dish to celebrate good fortune and a long and prosperous life. To make this card, I painted the fork using metallic silver paint and created the noodles with yellow and coral acrylic paint. 


A Bouquet of Flowers

Who doesn’t love receiving a bouquet of flowers (even if they are paper)? I painted various different varieties -- some made up -- and pasted them on a circular cardboard that I painted green. Hand paint your own little note on the tag and tell them how much you care.


A Birthday Cupcake

I thought this was a fun and unique variation on a cupcake card. I painted the cupcake on a piece of card stock using acrylic paint. Elevate the card by gluing beads as sprinkles.