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Birthday Party Ideas for Adults: Party Like a Pisces

Pisces swims into the spotlight between February 19 and March 20. Known for being compassionate and generous, Pisces are friends worth celebrating -- so make a splash with these food and decoration ideas.


Kick things off with an aquatic-inspired cocktail, like a fittingly named Blue Hawaii.

Next up: seaworthy snacks. These smoked salmon cucumber cups are a fun twist on sushi -- but if the fish-eating-fish thing freaks you out, you can always go with shiitake rolls or Parmesan fish crackers.

green fish sheet cake
Photography by: Johnny Miller

Who wouldn’t pucker up for a slice of this sweet frosted fish cake?

Photography by: Sang An

Set the scene with a bubble chandelier -- chic above or below sea level.


Fish dishes are remarkably common at yard sales, flea markets, and online auctions. Snap up a few novelty pieces for the party -- you’ll be surprised at how well these nautical accents incorporate into your home.


For a fun party craft, make fishbowl terrariums. They make a swimmingly themed favor -- minus the upkeep of an actual fish. Use extra fishbowls as vessels for candy and set them around the party.