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What's for Dinner? Soup, Shrimp, and Skillet Pie of Course!

Whether it’s Sunday and you want to cook up a storm, Monday and the fridge is stocked, or Thursday and you’re tired and hungry, we have dinner inspiration for you. Cook one of these recipes tonight and every night this week.

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It’s that time again; you’re thinking about dinner and what to cook. So here’s our weekly list of suggestions: dinner recipes that take less than an hour of mostly hands-off time. Some recipes will be much faster than that. We’ll suggest what you can do to prep ahead and cut down on weeknight work. Recipes will be family-friendly, but we’ll stretch the boundaries beyond chicken tenders and broccoli. Yes, there will be pasta, and, yes, it will be delicious. So visit us every week for dinnertime inspiration.



Monday: Vegetarian French Onion Soup with Mushrooms

Photography by: Alpha Smoot

Meat eaters will never suss this rich and hearty soup is vegetarian. And who can resist the cheesy bread on top? It’s crispy on the surface yet has soaked up the delicious soup underneath. Seconds please.

Get the Vegetarian French Onion Soup with Mushrooms Recipe


TUESDAY: Farro Risotto with Shrimp

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

We mentioned risotto before, but did you know this weeknight staple can be made with grains other than rice? Farro, as used in this healthy springtime meal, is the Italian name for emmer wheat. It has a nutty taste, and the pearled version has some of the bran removed so is quicker to cook than regular farro (just like with pearled barley compared to whole-grain barley).


Get the Farro Risotto with Shrimp Recipe


WEDNESDAY: One-Pot Turkey Skillet Pie

We love pies, savory or sweet. Often they are too big a lift to make on a weeknight but this one-pot wonder comes together in less than an hour -- and with minimal clean-up. The ground turkey is cooked with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes to make a juicy, savory filling and the cheddar biscuit topping is just plain addictive. This recipe is bound to become a family favorite.


Get the One-Pot Turkey Skillet Pie


THURSDAY: Sauteed Spinach with Poached Eggs 

Photography by: Andrew Purcell

Healthy, fast, and totally satisfying -- what more could you want? Especially when this tasty meatless entree takes just 15 minutes to put together (cook the quinoa ahead of time!). Consider this a version of the super-trendy, uber-delicious egg bowl.


Get the Sauteed Spinach with Poached Eggs Recipe


FRIDAY: Chicken Posole

Photography by: RYANE LIEBE

A delicious dinner where the stove does the work. Invest 10 minutes in prep, then set it to cook and kick back with a beer and catch up with your family.


Get the Chicken Posole Recipe


SATURDAY: Take It Easy with Pasta

Photography by: Johnny Miller

Tomorrow is a big day for the cook, so make things easy tonight by letting someone else tackle dinner, or making something that's fast and a family favorite like our Pasta with Easy Meat Sauce. We're thinking and tasting spring with this light and colorful pasta.


Get the Penne Rigate with Arugula-Almond Pesto Recipe


Sunday: Easter Feast

Photography by: Christopher Testani

One of the biggest and most delicious meals of the year, Easter Sunday lunch or dinner is definitely a celebration. Spring is here at last, and it tastes really good. Choose a main course: salmon or lamb? Then select a couple of sides and a dessert. Our latest recipes have harmonious flavors and all work together wonderfully.


Get the Spring Entertaining: Mix and Match Recipes

We couldn't leave you without sharing our latest pedestal-worthy dessert:

Photography by: Christopher Testani
Get the Triple-Citrus Bundt Cake Recipe

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