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Our Favorite Spring Home and Garden Must-Haves

From prepping beds to planting seedlings, there’s much to keep you busy in the garden this time of year. The handy items on this page should help nourish, replenish, and embellish your garden.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner
The tag is reusable! Just wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol.

Designer Labels

Write each plant’s name on one of these standout orange powder-coated aluminum tags. A white grease-pencil is included.


$15 for 4,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Buckets of Rain

Reduce your water consumption (and bill) by capturing rain in an eco-friendly repurposed barrel that holds 60 gallons of water that you can use on your landscape.



Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Heaven Scent

Plant some tuberose bulbs in a pot now for intoxicatingly fragrant flowers this summer. (The scent is often used in perfumes.)


By Martha Stewart Living, $10 for 4,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Dress Blues

Protect your clothes while you play in the dirt with a soft denim apron that, like a favorite pair of jeans, only gets better with wear.


By Joe’s Jeans for Edible Gardens LA, $98,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Cut to Size

Gardeners at New York City’s High Line keep these extra-sharp folding pocket saws in their pruning tool kits. Proceeds benefit the park.


By Silky Saws,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Rest Easy

The egg-shaped kneeler’s shock-absorbing memory foam can help take the ache out of gardening.


By Burgon & Ball, $35,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Touch and Go

With an easy-to-use one-touch lever, this 30-inch wand makes watering hard-to-reach areas a cinch.


By Dramm, $28,

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Helping Hands

These supple, washable, and thorn-resistant goatskin gloves are made especially for women.



Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Tip of the Hat

A return to the garden means more time in the sun. Shield your face from damaging UV rays with this wide-brimmed handwoven palm hat, featuring a cloth sweatband and an adjustable leather chin strap.



Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Drain and Contain

A handy addition to the versatile Tubtrug, the colander nests inside and can be used to hose down tools and produce.


Tubtrug, 7 gal., $15, and colander, $15,