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Easter Egg Clip-Art Templates

Clip-art line drawings make it easy to apply graphic patterns to colorful dyed eggs for Easter. Simply cut out the illustrations and glue them to the eggs with decoupage finish, then fill in the outlines.

Photography: Aaron Dyer

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2015


The egg-decorating fun doesn’t have to end after the eggs are dyed. We asked Millie Marotta, illustrator of the book Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom: Color Me, Draw Me (Lark Crafts; $15,, to produce some Easter-themed line drawings for us.



Durable decoupage finish, by Martha Stewart Crafts, in Matte, $10 for 8 oz.,


  • Detail scissors

  • Matte découpage finish and paintbrush

  • Dyed eggs

  • Fine-tipped markers


  1. Download and print out Marotta’s coloring-book illustrations. Cut closely around shapes with detail scissors.

  2. For each egg, brush back of drawing with a thin coat of découpage finish. Place illustration where desired on dyed egg; smooth down with your fingers.

  3. Let dry 1 hour, then color in design with markers.

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