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Basic French Macarons

Recipe photo courtesy of Linda Pugliese

Want to learn how to make macarons? We've taken the guesswork out of making these patisserie beauties, so you can prepare them at home (for less than 25 cents a pop!). Our foolproof macarons recipe calls for making your own almond flour, then adding just four other ingredients: powdered sugar, egg whites, white sugar, and any filling you please.

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Cook's Notes

Be sure to weigh the ingredients precisely, and follow the step-by-step directions to make meringue, fold in the almond mixture, and pipe the batter into rounds. Choose one version or a mix, then delight one and all with the gorgeous, delicious, professional-looking results.

Martha made this recipe on "Martha Bakes" episode 305. She used strawberry jam for the filling.

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How would you rate this recipe?
  • kahageman22
    18 APR, 2018
    I tried e times go make yhese work and every time they came out horrible flat cookies cracked with no feet. I am devastated.
    • dbaspen
      8 JUN, 2018
      This recipe delivered. A couple of notes: I used a baking mat. Have your oven on conventional bake, not convection. I do not recommended parchment paper. Do not use a non-stick sheet pan as it bakes hotter. Follow the directions and do not over-mix.
  • mlp43991
    23 MAY, 2018
    I've tried MANY Macaron recipes and this one turned out the best, by far. Is used pre-ground Almond Flour and an Airbake Baking Sheet.
  • polly8642938
    21 MAR, 2018
    Thanks for sharing. Having a french macaron bakery here in Scotland..we have had lots of different disasters over the years. We have tried lots of different recipes over the years and found the Italian method to be most reliable. I would definitely recommend looking at using powdered food colour instead as the liquid colouring caused us lots of grief. Sieve 3 times and Don't give up. It's so worth it when you get it right.
    • MS10264452
      5 MAY, 2018
      Fantastic! I left mine out for 20 minutes to develop a bit of a skin. I left them in the oven 12 minutes at the recommended temperature; no cracks...just beautiful!
  • nataliemartell
    9 JUL, 2016
    when it says to rotate, what exactly or how exactly is it supposed to be done? i really don't want to mess up the process
    • ALR10646456DW
      4 MAY, 2018
      turn the tray around so that the back row of macarons becomes the front row.
      8 FEB, 2017
      It just means to rotate the pan in the oven, incase your oven doesnt have even heating (incase the front is more hot than the back or vise versa)
  • ALR10393319DW
    2 JUL, 2017
    My macarons turned brown when I left them in the full 13 mins. If I lowered temperature to 325-310, then there were hollows. How can I fix this?
    • ALR10646456DW
      4 MAY, 2018
      I'd use an oven thermometer to be sure your over is actually the proper temp. ....or try 340???
  • brenswan990519
    20 AUG, 2017
    How long are they suppose to sit out before baking? I can't tell if she is saying 15 or 50 minutes and it doesn't say in directions above? Another recipe we have says one hour.
    • ALR10646456DW
      4 MAY, 2018
      I didn't hear her say anything about that, but I read in another recipe that they should sit out until you can touch them very lightly without anything sticking to your finger.
    • paperbaker
      27 OCT, 2017
      There is no cream of tartar in this recipe
  • hadija242003
    27 FEB, 2018
    I love the recipe but just have one question can i use almond meal that i bought in grocery store? and how much grams i will need of it??
    • vithoun
      13 MAR, 2018
      Yes, and I prefer almond meal/flour as itโ€™s more fine. Used the same amount by weight.
  • kpatelv03
    26 DEC, 2017
    I loved the recipe. Since my oven runs fast and gets really hot, I turned my oven down 50 degrees and let my macarons sit for 16 minutes. I also let the macarons sit until a skin formed before putting them in the oven. And like the recipe said, I rotated the cookies halfway through the baking process. I loved these macarons, and this was the best macaron recipe I've ever used.
  • lauracarver16
    13 SEP, 2017
    This recipe is amazing. I can't believe you don't have to wait for them to form a skin! I did have to play with my oven temp - the tops cracked and blew out on the entire first tray. I turned my oven down 10 degrees, and the second tray was perfect! Then I baked two trays of chocolate which came out perfectly too. I was honestly shocked. I've been through other recipes and trays and trays of bad macarons! (Still tasty though ๐Ÿ˜) For the chocolate, I took out two tablespoons of the almond/powdered sugar mixture and added 2 tablespoons of Dutch processed cocoa powder.
  • libertygirl1969
    12 MAY, 2017
    Hi Martha, please can you tell me which brand of colouring gel you used to achieve that lovely fuschia pink on the macarons? Thanks kindly, Jan
    • dolphinz30
      24 MAY, 2017
      I love Wilton Gel Food color. Dip a toothpick in and add small amounts at a time for amazing color!

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