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Up Your Easter Game with a Scavenger Egg Hunt

We all know and love the ol' plastic-eggs-hidden-around-the-yard free-for-all Easter egg hunt. This year, why not take that egg foraging spirit to the next level, and make it a full-blown scavenger hunt? You can get clever with your clues and adjust the difficulty of the search to suit your hunters' age group.

Easter Bun Egg Scavenger Hunt Clue
Coming up with clever clues can be as much fun as following them!

Give your Easter egg hunt a creative twist this year and turn it into a scavenger hunt game. To do this, all you will need are some plastic eggs and a little imagination! Take any number of plastic eggs and fill them with clues, each one leading to the next egg.

Easter Bun Egg

Keep your hunters eager by adding little treasures and treats alongside the clues in your eggs, like this adorable miniature bunny, or even coins and candy. The possibilities are endless!


For the grand finale, have your last clue lead to a big Easter basket full of fun surprises -- candy and toys never get old, but adding the materials for a DIY craft can be a great way to keep the kids busy, and keep the game going! This game can be fun for adults too -- if you're planning a grown-up Easter celebration, make the clues more difficult and fill the prize basket with funny gifts or the ingredients for a delicious, festive cocktail.


How will you up your Easter egg hunt game this year?