DIY Paper Pie-Slice Boxes


What's better than pie as a party favor, especially in a pretty package?

What You'll Need


  • Template
  • Martha Stewart Scoring Board
  • Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page, Eyelet Lace
  • Double-sided tape
  • Craft paper


  1. mscrafts-content-pibox7-mrkt-0315_vert

    Follow template instructions for cutting, and align edges of pie box to the left side of the Mini Scoring Board. Score. Align tabs and score as well.

  2. mscrafts-content-pibox8-mrkt-0315_vert

    Punch along the top and sides of the box with the Edge Punch.

  3. mscrafts-content-pibox9-mrkt-0315_vert

    Form box and adhere sides together with double-sided tape.

  4. mscrafts-content-pibox10-mrkt-0315_vert

    To make the tag, punch the full shape from off-white paper. Then punch an outer ring from craft paper. Glue the two pieces together.

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