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Five-Ingredient Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies  -- These Cookies Will Change Everything!

If you have one bowl, a baking sheet, and 25 minutes, you got this.

Senior Digital Food Editor
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

You know those times when you need a cookie or when you just plain want to bake, but time is tight? This is the recipe for those times. It's a fast, delicious cookie recipe that everyone will adore.* These treats are gluten-free and a healthier option than a classic Chocolate Chip Cookie (though, of course, we love them too): Almond butter takes the place of both the butter and the flour.


Get the Five-Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

So should a cookie craving come once the store is closed, no problem. You probably already have the five ingredients needed on hand: almond butter, chocolate chips, eggs, light-brown sugar, and salt. Senior associate food editor Greg Lofts, who developed the recipe, calls it “dump and stir” -- everything goes in just one bowl, then bakes on just one baking sheet. Cleanup is minimal.

The result is small mounded cookies. (You thin-and-crispy chocolate chip cookie lovers should stick to this recipe.) They’re “sooo tender” says fan and food editor Shira Bocar. Our resident baker and editorial director for food Jennifer Aaronson agrees: "They’re super-fast and just a little bite." Yes, that means you can indulge in more than one! When you need treats and fast or when your gluten-free friends are coming over, this five-ingredient wonder is the recipe you need.


* Okay, everyone apart from those with nut allergies: We have plenty of other totally scrumptious chocolate chip cookie recipes for you. 


If we've got you thinking about chocolate chip cookies, it's time to watch this and learn more: