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Using Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners look intimidating to use, and bright colors may be out of your comfort zone -- we get it. But pair the two and the results are nothing short of dazzling. Whether you’re going for a feline-flicked cat eye or a lid-hugging line, you’ll achieve spectacular effects with a little practice. The best part: No sharpener required!

Photography by: YASU+JUNKO

The Case for Liquid Liner

Still need some convincing? Here’s why you should draw the line:

It’s a headliner. Eyeliner keeps eyes looking alert and lashes appearing thick and lush. And with a kaleidoscope of colors and calligraphic nib tips, liquid liners offer a multitude of artful effects.

It’s durable. Not only are liquid eyeliners long-wearing, most are water- and smudge-proof.

Build Your Skill Set

Chillax. Close and relax one eye at a time. Gently pull up on the lid to ensure a taut, flat surface. With the hand that’s holding the liner, anchor the pinkie finger on your face, or prop your elbow on a solid surface. This helps steady your movements.


Connect the dots. Instead of painting one long swoop, draw short dashes along the lash line, then bridge the gaps. This ensures more control and a more accurate line. Make sure to give the formula a good 30 seconds to dry before opening your eye.


Practice makes perfect. Your first try may look like you went head-to-head with a Sharpie. That’s to be expected. Fix it with cotton swabs and makeup remover, and rest assured your technique will improve with each subsequent attempt.