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Ask Martha: How to Choose Gluten-Free Pastas

Which gluten-free pastas are the tastiest?
—Amy Spellacy, Upper Arlington, Ohio

Photography by: Bryan Gardner
TIP: Check gluten-free pastas for doneness on the early side—the noodles can become soft and gummy if overcooked.

As interest in gluten-free diets has risen, so has the number of appetizing alternatives to wheat pasta. We polled members of our test kitchen to find out their favorites, below. Each pasta type has a distinct flavor reminiscent of its main ingredient, so try tailoring your recipes to that base. For example, buckwheat soba noodles pair well with grilled eggplant, sesame, and soy. Fresh vegetables are a good match for sweet-corn noodles, and quinoa pasta is delicious with a meat sauce. Try roasted tomatoes and olives with rice, soy, and potato penne, and add a cheese sauce with bacon and peas to brown-rice spirals for a spin on classic mac and cheese.