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To Coffee or Not to Coffee: The Pros and Cons of Too Much Joe

A SoulCycle instructor and Martha Stewart contributor, Eve Lynn shares her experience with going off coffee, and then going back on.

When I was younger and a typical lit major/college student/bartender, I drank a lot of coffee. It fueled my late-night library sessions and gave life to early mornings made extra challenging by late nights at the bar. I didn’t think much about the quality or quantity of it beyond how it made me feel (read: wide awake and borderline vibrating). In short, it served its purpose and, most important, was completely reliable.


Fast-forward into my post-college years when I ran a small fashion line (my own, as a matter of fact). Life was crazy-fast paced, and coffee was a necessity. It kept me buzzing at parties and awake while cutting fabric and packing boxes to fill orders. At 22 I was running at full speed and it was arguably dangerous. And then, one day, the coffee stopped working!! It made me jittery and anxious instead of alert, and it fueled my stress instead of my productivity. I immediately quit cold turkey.


It was 10 years before I had my next cup of coffee! Seriously. I always missed the smell of a hot cup of creamy coffee, but I never indulged. To be honest, I was nervous. And through my journey to health and wellness, I had convinced myself that coffee was a big NO-NO.


And then I became a SoulCycle instructor -- and my first gig was a really intense class. I felt that there was no way I could teach such a high-energy class first thing in the morning without coffee. So, I started my search for the healthiest coffee option that would fuel my body without leaving me feeling wrecked.


The first coffee I came across in my quest was Bulletproof Coffee. It combines healthy fats with organic, carefully harvested and roasted beans. It seemed to be the perfect first step back into the world of coffee.

As is the case with most things in this life, I’ve slipped back into a more casual routine with my coffee, grabbing it more often on the go, using beans in my house that aren’t as stringent as Bulletproof (I’m loving the beans from Le Pain Quotidien these days). I always use soy or coconut milk (organic of course) or I just go it black.


In the end, I think there is no right answer. Like all things, I believe you need to trust your body, be sensitive to what it needs, and make a decision. Right now, coffee is great for me! I use it in moderation and it helps me stay energized and focused through my day. If at any point that changes, I’ll reevaluate.


Until then, I am so grateful to live in Brooklyn where coffee snobs run free and a great cup is always just around the corner!