New This Month

DIY Faux Beadboard

Would you guess that the beadboard detailing on this door is actually wallpaper? We used a paintable roll and some standard molding to give a basic (and very inexpensive) hollow-core door an easy makeover. By covering the entire surface, trimming and all, in neutral gray paint, we created the illusion that the design details are built-in.

Photography by: Aaron Dyer


  1. Measure and cut wallpaper to fit door, about 6 inches narrower than door on all sides.
  2. Paint door with acoat of wallpaper primer; let dry.
  3. Determine placement of wallpaper panel by marking top, bottom, and sides on door with a pencil and a level. Brush wallpaper glue onto back of wallpaper; smooth onto door to match markings. Let dry.
  4. Cut 4 pieces of trim molding to match 4 sides of panel. Use a miter saw to cut angled ends on pieces. Attach to door with glue and nails, framing wallpaper. Fill nail holes with wood filler; let dry.
  5. Remove knob. Tape off hinges. Apply a coat of primer; let dry. Apply a coat of semigloss paint in desired color to entire surface; let dry.


Beadboard paintable wallpaper, by Martha Stewart Living, $25 for 56 sq. ft.,