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Color-Matching Game

This game will help your child build associations. The goal is to match the object -- say, the cherry -- with the plain square of the same color. Fruit and square aren’t identical but share the quality of “redness.” Discovering these relationships develops abstract thinking, essential to learning. Make ten objects that are familiar and iconic (fruits, animals, vehicles) plus colored squares, and join them on a ring.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Pinking shears

  • White felt

  • Hole punch

  • 5/8-inch grommet

  • 10 pieces of colored felt (in different colors) plus black felt

  • Craft glue

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

  • Large key ring


  1. With pinking shears, cut ten 8-inch squares of white felt. Cut 10 more felt squares the same size, each of a different color.

  2. Punch 5/8-inch grommet in upper left corner of each square.

  3. Cut a shape from extra felt in each of the ten colors. Highlight designs with black or other colors of felt.

  4. Glue shapes onto white squares using craft glue, then topstitch.

  5. Link all the squares in a book by looping a large key ring, from hardware stores, through grommets.

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