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Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Significant Other Will Actually Appreciate

Gift-giving is a skill that doesn’t come naturally for most, but it’s something I have spent years practicing and refining for birthdays and the holidays I can figure out (confession: I’ve opted for cupcakes a time or two). But gift-giving for Valentine’s Day? Not as easy, and not everyone feels warm and fuzzy about the holiday -- I’ve heard a lot of grumbles recently about this commercial holiday, so throw the candy, chocolate, etc. out the window, and try something new this year. Here is a list of fun and unique gift ideas for that girl or guy in your life:



For the Guys

Shake Things Up

It’s pretty likely your guy has a flask or two at this point in his life, so shake things up with a personalized mixologist cocktail shaker and help him step up his bar-cart game. Throw in a bottle of his liquor of choice, and this will be the perfect pairing of something you can enjoy together and something he will have forever.



Go for Comfort

Listen, I know what you’re thinking. But LuluLemon isn’t just for the ladies. I have recently noticed an overwhelming amount of guys rocking these comfortable and on-trend T-shirts. You think he will frown when he sees the logo on the box? Tell him to put it on. Believe me, he will thank you.


Go Down in History

I think it’s underrated how great of an online store the New York Times has, and I have always loved this gift idea. Get the front page of the paper on the date and year of your guy’s birthday framed, and he will finally have something to put on that blank wall you’ve been staring at. This is one of those gifts that is timeless, personal, and gives him a little piece of history. 


For the Gals

Pamper Her

There are many things that girls want but aren’t inclined to buy for themselves. So here’s where you come in -- give her something that will make her feel pretty and pampered. Try a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure or a massage. Want to score extra points? If you live in a city that has one of these, get her a gift certificate to The Dry Bar. Trust me, to have someone else blow out your hair is an amazing treat.



Something Pretty

Jewelry is never a bad idea when it comes to gifting for girls. This love knot design will get the “oohs" and “ahhs" you’re looking for with its sweet name and delicate look. (Opt for sterling silver -- it won’t break the bank, and she will still love it.) Also, this jewelry designer is known for being worn by celebrities and featured on some big-deal TV shows.


Every girl loves a good gift, but she would rather spend a great night with the guy in her life. Get creative and get two tickets to the ballet (if she’s into that kind of thing), a concert, or any special event you don’t normally go to. It may not be something you’re jazzed about, but if she loves it, she will appreciate the spontaneity and most importantly the selflessness. Win/win.

And the end of the day, it's not about the gift, it's about the person you love. But let's be honest...we all love to get something special. Happy Valentine's Day!


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