Our friends at Compass Coffee shed some light on what to get the coffee-loving man in your life, and what your gift says about you.
Credit: Cori Sue Morris

Ah yes, Valentine's Day -- it's as if the Saints conspired to organize a day in which every human would be struck with the same interpersonal peril. How else to explain the nervous laughter amongst boys and girls describing dinner plans to their friends?

If all goes well, there will be love, affection, happiness, and joy. But if it goes poorly ... there will be loneliness, rejection, sadness, and despair.

So what's a person to do? How do you make sure the odds are in your favor? What's the one gift most likely to charm that special someone?

The answer, dear readers, is coffee. Yes, coffee. With its rich aroma, sensual flavor, negative calories, and pleasant side effects, coffee is a gift that you can't go wrong with (given that the receiver is a coffee drinker, of course). But which coffee gift is right and what does it say about you? Read on.

Like him a little? A tin of coffee.

What it says: I like you, but it's still early. Think of me as you enjoy this, but don't get too comfortable. This tin requires a refill.

Credit: Cori Sue Morris

Like him a lot? A tin of coffee and a French press for two.

What it says: We've got something special. Let's while away a lazy Sunday afternoon together.

Credit: Cori Sue Morris

Things are getting serious? A tin of coffee, a French press for two, and a burr grinder.

What it says: The precise grinder properly pulverizes coffee and promotes an even extraction. This gift says, "I care about your happiness as much as my own." No really, that's what it says.

Credit: Cori Sue Morris

He's the one? A La Marzocco GS/3 home espresso machine.

What it says: I want to lock you down. Like, forever. Here's an espresso machine so we can build a caffeinated future together. Start practicing your latte art hearts.

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