It's intense, rich, and looks fancy when it's actually easy to make. Inspired? Read on and make one tonight.
flourless chocolate cake
Credit: Jonathan Lovekin

Who can resist such luscious, fudgy chocolate cake? Okay, maybe the chocolate hater or dedicated dieter, but other than those two small groups, just about everyone loves this sweet treat. That's especially true when the cake being served is our flourless version. Being flourless, this cake is perfect for Passover or as a special dessert for those who cannot consume wheat or gluten, but it's also guaranteed to appease anyone who adores ooey-gooey chocolate flavor any day of the week. Whether you make it for your favorite chocolate-lover's birthday or to enjoy as a dessert on Valentine's Day, flourless chocolate cake is guaranteed to be a downright decadent and indulgent end to an meal.

First and foremost, let's answer everyone's burning question: Is a cake without flour—without even a non-wheat flour or ground nuts standing in for the flour—really a cake? Well, the Austrians think so. They have a rich heritage of flourless tortes (try this recipe for Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Torte). And we bet you'll no longer care about definitions after one bite of this creation. It is intensely chocolaty, extremely rich, and it's a cinch to make—even on a weeknight—but definitely worthy of a dinner party or special celebration. Really, this is a cake to love, to devour, and to make over and over again.

What makes a flourless chocolate cake so rich is a lot of eggs, butter, and chocolate. Be sure to use top-notch ingredients; when a recipe has so few ingredients, their quality really matters. The method is straightforward: Chocolate and butter are gently melted, eggs are separated, and the whites whipped with sugar and gradually added. Some recipes add the yolks with chocolate and butter, others mix them with some of the butter and then add them to the melted chocolate mixture. The cake bakes at a moderate to low temperature to retain its gooey deliciousness: The edges and top become crisp and crackly while the interior is moist and fudgy. Variations abound; our favorite is to add a little espresso powder to the batter for the ultimate mocha experience (that's the cake shown at top here).

Some say it's so rich you just need a little piece, but if you're anything like us, you're going to need another slice while you consider that proposition.


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