Martha's beloved chow chow, Ghenghis Khan, is more than just a really, really pretty face. When he's not winning the Westminster Dog Show (Best in Breed 2012!), he's leading an active social life -- toddling around Bedford and trotting through East Hampton. We caught up with GK and one of his caretakers, Carlos Villamil, to find out what a regular Saturday looks like for this wordly-wise pup.
Ghenghis Khan, looking dashing as always.


Yes, it's true: GK wakes up earlier than you. As Martha fixes her morning coffee, he paces about the kitchen in his regal way, lapping at his water bowl and yawning occasionally. It's bound to be a wonderful, busy day.


Time for the first of many daily walks! This one will last half an hour, and it'll take place around the farm at Bedford. Francesca and Sharkey, Martha's fabulous French bulldogs, come along. On the itinerary: a stop at the peacocks, where the three pups stare with awe and admiration; then, a trip to the chicken coop to visit some other feathered friends. And after that, they check out the most fascinating sight of all: Martha's donkeys.


With the first walk out of the way, GK, Francesca, and Sharkey head back indoors and part ways. Carlos walks GK down to the groomer's table in the basement, where he helps him freshen up after his long walk. A pup's face, teeth, and feet don't clean themselves, you know.


Hungry for breakfast, GK heads to the kitchen. Fact: He's been known to try out a different kind of dry food each day. Well,why not? Eat the same thing every morning, and you'll quickly grow tired of it.


GK relaxes after he eats. A quick snooze never hurt anyone.


East Hampton for the weekend? Why, that sounds like a swell idea to GK, who's at his happiest when traveling. As he realizes he's about to get in the car, his bushy tail -- which is typically coolly poised -- begins to wag furiously. A road trip means three things for GK: He'll get to spend time with Martha, see a ton of movement and light, and feel the breeze in his fur as the world flies by. Heaven!


Carlos pulls the door open, and GK hops into the backseat. The windows roll down halfway -- just the way GK likes it. He hops over to the left window, then scoots to the right. There's so much to see!


"He loves to walk. Oh my goodness, he really loves to walk all over," remarks Carlos. Upon arriving in East Hampton, Martha prepares to take GK on his second walk of the day -- to go shopping! GK sits on a towel inside the shopping cart and enjoys the ride. There's so much people-watching to be done.

Francesca and Sharkey make fine companions for GK.


When they finally arrive at Martha's home, GK grabs a snack from Carlos, and then runs right back to the gate. He'd love nothing more than to get out there again and keep seeing the world. Sharkey and Francesca share the sentiment.


Another walk? Dreams do come true! Downtown now. The people of East Hampton love to see GK walk by. In fact, a lot of folks recognize him. "This must be GK!" they exclaim. "Can I take a picture with the lion? Can I have a picture with the bear?" Sigh. It's a ruff life.


Time to chill out -- at long last. GK heads back inside and relaxes on his fluffy bed.


Night walks are *only* the best things to ever happen to dogkind. GK can't wait to see the action of East Hampton at night. The lights, the people, the nightlife. "Take me to the world," he begs!

Alas … he doesn't get too far. Carlos walks him around the property with a small flashlight, and back inside they go.

C'mon, GK. Don't make that face. Four walks a day is plenty.


Francesca and Sharkey cuddle up to watch some TV, but GK isn't crazy about television. A foodie at heart, he prefers to spend his nights treat-tasting. And thanks to Thomas Joseph from the MSLO test kitchen, he often does just that. Tonight, GK enjoys a delicious nighttime snack -- carrot-and-apple dog cookies.


The lights in the house go off, one by one. The crickets begin to cheep. It's time for GK, too, to get some shut-eye. He bids Sharkey and Francesca a sweet, sniffly goodnight, decides which of his three beds to sleep in (the one in the kitchen? The one in Martha's room? Or maybe the one downstairs, in the basement?), and falls into a deep slumber. He'll have to wake up to do it all again the next day.

After all, it's GK's world. We're just living in it.


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