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Valentine's Day Craft: Flower Crowns

Whether or not you’re romantically involved, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate the love of friendship. Crown your closest gals with one of these beautiful wreaths.


We ladies like to feel like princesses. That is why, this Valentine's Day, I am looking forward to making all my favorite girls feel like the most special, beautiful and vibrant empresses. My plan: floral crowns.


Materials (makes two flowers):

  • 8 pieces of 10 in x 7.5" tissue paper
  • 3 inch piece of wire
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Plastic headband

Step One:

Stack the eight sheets of tissue and make half-inch accordion folds, creasing the tissue paper with each fold. 


Step Two:

With scissors, cut the folded stack in half. Trim ends of the tissue into rounded or pointed shapes, depending on the type of flower you want to create. 


Step Three:

Tie a small piece of wire around the center of each stack of paper. Separate the layers of tissue, pulling away from the center, until your entire flower has blossomed.


Step Four:

Create more flowers (about seven or eight for one crown) using steps 1-3 with a variety of colors -- the more hues the better!


Step Five: 

Heat up the glue gun and attach the flowers to the headband. Be as intricate and colorful as you would like. 


Et voila!