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Host a Goldilocks-Themed Kids' Birthday Party

Haven't you always wanted to host a party that's, well, "just right"? Now's your chance. Get in the mood with Goldi-"lox" sandwiches, "Pin the Tail on the Bear," and a "bear"-y orange smoothie recipe that'll make your kids smile. Plus: the lowdown on our famous bear sheet cake.

Photography by: Johnny Miller

Make the Menu

Believe it or not, a gourmet bear-shaped birthday cake is within reach -- and you won't have to pay top dollar for it, either. Roll up your sleeves, grab your Ateco #233, and get ready to impress with our step-by-step tutorial. Lost already? Don't give up just yet: We've got a video to help you out.


If you're feeling particularly motivated, consider adding some woodsy appeal to the base of the cake with leaves, mushrooms, and acorns crafted from marzipan. Make them days in advance, then throw it all together on the day-of.


And let's face it -- if you're going to host a Goldilocks party, you're obligated to have porridge on hand. Our Cardamom Quinoa Porridge recipe from our latest cookbook, "Clean Slate," substitutes fresh fruit in place of refined sugar. That's right -- a healthy birthday treat that's still delicious enough to tempt even the pickiest eaters. Play off the Goldilocks motif by marking each bowl with "Hot!", "Cold!", and "Just right!" signs, which will further convince the little ones that they've really stepped into the world of the classic fairytale.


And definitely don't forget our chocolate-dipped bear paws, a creative take on the classic madeleine cookie.


If you want to get punny, these fairy-tale-inspired Goldi-"lox" sandwiches will be devoured before you can say, "Someone's been sitting in my chair!" -- and they're sure to get a chuckle from the grown-ups.


Equally punny and doubly fabulous is this kid-friendly "bear"-y orange smoothie. Sorbet and low-fat yogurt curb the calories without sacrificing flavor or fun.

Photography by: Seth Smoot

Set the Scene

Continue playing off the theme of the day: Make gold the color of the hour. Use these metallic stones for a decorative here-and-there glimmer, or place them strategically to weigh down tablecloths or napkins at an outdoor celebration.

Make It Fun

Create a shadow box theater with our handy instructions and act out the classic tale.


After the performance, it's game time! Just a few modifications is all it takes for a classic party game to become a Goldilocks game. "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" can be "Pin the Tail on the Bear," "Duck, Duck, Goose" can make way for "No, No, Just Right" and "Simon Says" can become "Baby Bear Says."


Follow the games with storytime to help wind down the party and send your guests home with a smile.


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