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3 Unexpected Everyday Ways to Decorate with Silver

A new book from silversmithing legend Georg Jensen inspires our design guru to shine up his decorating routine.

Executive Editorial Director Decorating, Home, and Style

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all things shiny, and silver just might be my weapon of choice. I knew I had to get my hands on master silversmith Georg Jensen’s new book, “Reflections.” Sure enough, I found myself swooning over his inventive, elegant designs. My only complaint is that the book isn’t actually a mail-order catalog.

Photography by: Courtesy of Rizzoli
I was inspired to revisit some of my favorite uses for silver. Jensen's pieces are stars, but silver can also be a fine supporting actor -- it elevates all that it touches, making it as suitable for everyday decorating as it is for special occasions. Here are my favorite ways to give a room instant polish without whipping out the candelabra.
Photography by: Courtesy of Rizzoli

Lay the ultimate foundation. Sure, silver is eye-catching, but it’s even more striking in contrast to other materials. I love using a silver tray to corral the items on my coffee table, or slipping a silver charger under a potted plant. The peekaboo effect is much more interesting than, say, a basic picture frame -- and the hint of drama incorporates more seamlessly than you’d think.

Photography by: Courtesy of Rizzoli

Let your snacks sparkle. When it comes to party snacks, I wholeheartedly embrace the “high-low” mentality. I still love the foods I devoured as a kid, and nothing ups the ante on Oreos like a silver platter piled high with stacks of them. Isn’t plucking Ruffles potato chips from a giant silver bowl kind of the dream? No? Just me? At the very least, a sleek dish of pistachios makes for a dignified afternoon snack.

Photography by: Courtesy of Rizzoli

Strut your supplies. No need to hide paper clips, pens, and other workhorses away in a drawer. I keep most of my office supplies in stylish silver containers on top of my desk. Having a little bit of luxury within arm’s reach makes me smile throughout the day -- and looks sharp during even my most down-to-business meetings.


Of course, smudged, streaky silver will never achieve the desired effect. I’m pro-silver for any occasion, but polishing is non-negotiable -- and, if you ask me, a very practical stress reliever. Find out our best tips for cleaning and polishing silver below.

How do you like to decorate with silver?