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DIY Chocolate Sampler for Valentine's Day

Here are some of our favorite chocolates -- the ones we buy for our own sweethearts (and, okay, for ourselves!). They all taste amazing, but we also love the fun shapes and pretty presentations.

Photography by: Greg Vore

1. & 28. Chocolate letters,


2. Rose truffle,


3. Butter caramel with fleur de sel,


4. Gray salt and 5. smoked salt caramels,


6. Foiled chocolate heart,


7. Macarolat and 8. caramel mushroom,


9. Varietal dark-chocolate cocoa pod,


10. Solid-chocolate gem,


11. Chocolate fig,


12. Lunar New Year fruit,


13. Chocolate toolkit,


14. Frogletier, in Green,


15. Chocolate ladybug,


16. Best Wishes mini bar,


17. Sea salt & nibs bar,


The Big Tasty, includes 18. Beernut bar, 20. rocher, 21. caramelized white-chocolate bar, 23. crispy milk bar, 27. pecan cluster, and more,


19. Baton pack,


22. Copper penny,


24. Milk-chocolate sardine,


25. Strawberries & cream bar,


26. Wicked pecan brittle, by Jacques Torres,