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Cushion-Topped Ottoman

Photography: Paul BARBERA

Source: Martha Stewart Living, February 2015



Open cubes,
Vintage Philly stem casters, 1 3/8",
Mending plates, 2",
Velcro Sticky Back tape, 3/4",


  • Plywood, 3/4 inch thick

  • Fine sandpaper

  • Paint and paintbrush

  • 4 open cubes, 15 inches each

  • Drill and drill bits

  • Screws, 1 inch

  • 4 casters (with screws)

  • 2 mending plates

  • Cushion, 30 by 30 inches

  • Velcro tape


  1. For the base, have a piece of plywood cut to 24 by 24 inches at a home-improvement store or lumberyard.

  2. Lightly sand and paint all 4 cubes; let dry.

  3. Line up cubes, as shown.

  4. Center base on cubes. Drill pilot holes at each corner and at center. Secure with 1-inch screws.

  5. Place casters 1 inch from each corner of base; drill holes to fit caster stems. Secure with accompanying screws.

  6. Secure cubes at top with mending plates.

  7. Place cushion on top, then secure with 4 lengths of Velcro tape in middle of top.

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