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3 Party Ideas to Help Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is long, cold, and dreary, so it's easy to get stuck in hibernation mode. But there are some great events that happen in the winter as well. Here's how to make the best of them so you stay active and happy.

I once read that there are three keys to happiness: "Something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to." While I can't help with the first two, there are a few things I can recommend that will keep you upbeat and help smash those winter blues. Having something to look forward to throughout the winter will make it go by in a flash.


Super Bowl XLIX: Sunday, February 1

Admittedly, I’m not a diehard football fan. I fit into the group of people who watch the game solely for the ads and the halftime show. That being said, I am a huge fan of Super Bowl Sunday. I know the game is supposed to be the focal point of the day, but if you ask me, there is way more to it than just the game. I love how everyone takes the time to make delicious snacks to share, the camaraderie, and how the excitement of watching the game brings everyone together. Overall, it makes for a fun and social Sunday that I would otherwise spend curled up watching a movie or reading a book -- alone. If your friends haven't already started planning for the big day, take the reins and organize your own football fete. Need some ideas? Don't worry, we've got you covered ... and don't forget the wings!


The Academy Awards: Sunday, February 22

Here’s how I see it -- there are two great ways to watch The Academy Awards:

  1. Hunker down with friends, order takeout, pour a glass or two of wine, and obsess over the red carpet and who you want to win.
  2. Have an Oscar party. You can require your guests to wear fancy attire, or they can come dressed as a character from a current movie. I’ve seen both options executed perfectly, but either one makes the evening something to be excited about. Who says the celebrities have to have all of the fun on Hollywood’s biggest night?


Cycle for Survival: February 7 to March 8

If you aren’t familiar with Cycle for Survival, you have to check it out. Every year, Cycle for Survival puts together high-energy, indoor team cycling events across the United States and donates 100 percent of the money raised to life-saving rare cancer research. These events take place in 13 different cities, starting in early February and ending in March. This makes it easy for anyone to participate, no matter where you are. You can start a team, join one, or even just donate. This wonderful event is one of my favorites; not only can I make a positive impact in my community, but I get a heart-pumping, high-intensity workout. I strongly encourage you to "join the battle." You will truly feel inspired.


What are you looking forward to? Share your fun winter activities with me on Twitter!