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Kids' Craft: Pop-Up Valentine's Day Cards

Inspire your kids to think creatively with this Valentine's Day DIY!


The long-standing tradition of passing out Valentine’s Day cards to friends and classmates can be made fresh and new with pop-up cards. Having a three-dimensional element to cards makes them that much more action-packed and unique. Plus, the technique to make pop-up cards is easy and interesting for kids to learn.

After my kids figured out how to make these cards, nearly every card they make incorporates some sort of a pop-up element! My kids can’t wait to share these with their friends at school.



  • 2 blank cards

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • 1 glue stick

  • 1 printed PDF of animal characters

  • 1 set of markers

  • 1 packet of googly eyes

  • 1 set of stickers (optional)


Step 1:

Select one of the blank cards and fold it in half. Snip two cuts into the folded edge of the card. Try to stay in the middle. This will create the pop-up strip.



Step 2:

Push up your pop-up strip so that it juts out of the card. Grab the second blank card and place it behind the pop-up card. This will hide the opening you just created by cutting the slits. Glue the two cards together.



Step 3:

Select and cut out your favorite animal from the PDF included above. Glue the animal to your pop-up strip. It should "pop up" when you open the card!


Step 4:

Decorate your card with the markers, stickers, and googly eyes. Write a special message to your friend and give it to her or him at school.



Need help with your Valentine’s Day prep? You can find a full set of materials and inspirations for this project on Kiwi Crate!