Like, don't go "bacon" my heart. (Plus the recipe to go with it!)
Credit: Greg Vore

Love is a funny thing. So, while saying "I love you" is nice, saying something like "You're the pun for me" is so much more, well, punny, wouldn't you agree? If you love to laugh on Valentine's Day, here are several crafts and recipes—along with some endearing, funny-bone-tickling quips—that will help you say those three little words.

"You are the sweetest."

These candy packages are a fun way to get your Valentine's Day message across. Just print out our clip-art and slip it into a cellophane bag with the coordinating candy.

"You and me, oh oui oui!" "You don't bug me." "You're cool." "Stuck on you."

Colorful pom-poms can inspire a whole collection of kid-friendly cards.

"I love you a latte!"

Whip up a frothy cappuccino with a heartfelt sentiment traced in the milk on top.

"When kissing, you know tulips are better than one."

Craft a field of paper flowers or a single bloom with a real bulb, and let your love grow.

"You're berry beautiful."

Because what makes a more classic combination than chocolate and strawberries?

"You're the queen (or king!) of my heart."

So look the part in matching regal costumes. (Other ideas? You can be love bugs or puppy love personified.)

"You color my world."

Colorful chalk sticks and a miniature easel wrapped in twine with a printable clip-art tag on this artistic little token says it all.

"You can bug me anytime."

Or, double pun intended, you'll flip for these wind-up toys as valentines.

"You've taken a pizza my heart."

More specifically—a slice of eggplant, pistachio, and pomegranate pizza.

"We're perfectly suited for each other."

And basic sewing skills are all you need to personalize his favorite necktie with a secret hidden message.

"I'm sweet on you!"

These stuffed paper hearts are pillowy treats that can be stuffed with candies and, if you're so inclined, a flirty greeting.

"You are sew special to me."

When winter accessories are personalized with a loving touch-buttons, pom-poms, and stitched hearts, the cold season is made a little sweetener.

"You're just sud-sational!"

Just like a batch of heart-shaped melt and pour soaps.

"I'd like to propose a toast to us: I'm b-egging you to be my Valentine. Just don't go bacon my heart."

Because what could be better than breakfast in bed?


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