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In Our Pantry: Anchovy Paste

Give your meals a savory boost (think umami) with a squeeze of this concentrated paste, a secret ingredient in the cook's arsenal.

Photography by: YASU+JUNKO

If you like the complex, briny taste of Caesar salad dressing, you’re most likely an anchovy fan. It’s one little fish that delivers big flavor. But when a slightly subtler flavor is what you’re after, reach for anchovy paste. Made from ground anchovies, salt, and oil, this concentrated paste, used in small doses, brings a savory (some say umami) boost to food without revealing itself as an ingredient. Look for it in easy-to-use tubes in your supermarket.

There’s a wide range in quality among pastes. We like Amore, which is made from Sicilian anchovies.


Anchovy paste adds a boost to lots of recipes. Try these as a start:


Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Cherry-Tomato & Anchovy Sauce

Try this quick, easy sauce for a punched-up pasta dinner.

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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Anchovy & Scallion Aioli

Bolder than mayo, this aioli can be served as a sauce for grilled or roasted fish or meat ... and there are many other delicious uses.

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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Roasted Chicken with Anchovy, Parsley & Lemon

Your new favorite go-to roast chicken? We're sure you'll adore this savory main.

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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Sauteed Anchovy Escarole & White Beans

Greens and beans: Adding anchovy paste to the mix elevates this healthy, hearty, and altogether scrumptious dish.

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