Kick your workout into high gear with this energy-boosting cardio playlist.
Spin Class

The holidays mean so many things to so many people, but what it means to almost everyone is too much drinking and eating. With all the parties and dinners and family get-togethers, it's easy to fall out of routine and into gluttony. For all the good and fun the holiday season can provide, it can also easily provide a few unwanted pounds.

No matter how you choose to combat those extra cakes and Chardonnays, remember that high-intensity interval training is your metabolism's best friend! In order to burn calories on the treadmill AND while you are sleeping, you need that HIIT action to get burning.

Here is a cardio playlist that should get you motivated. As we do at SoulCycle, just move with the beat of the music! When the beat gets going, pick up the energy and speed! When the beat slows down, really focus on each move and activating the involved muscles. And no matter what, make sure you get a good, solid sweat on to get out all that naughtiness!


  1. Lorde -- Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Dimond Saints Remix)
  2. Rihanna -- Diamonds (Where Have You Been Remix) Mashup
  3. JayCeeOh x Steve1der -- Till a Boy Get Kill
  4. Round2Crew Ft. M.T.D. -- Booty Had Me Like
  5. Naughty by Nature -- Feel Me Flow
  6. Sia -- Breathe Me (Widdler Remix)
  7. David Guetta -- Hey Mama feat. Nicki Minaj and Afrojack
  8. Calvin Harris -- Blame feat. John Newman


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