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Edible Art: Christmas Cookie Edition

For many of us, Christmas means cookies: cut-out and frosted, sandwiched, spritzed, nut-studded -- and meringues that are as light-as-air. More than any other time of the year, this is when sweet discs of dough rule. And in our humble opinion, cookies are a category in which we proudly shine, so we wanted to share some of our most beautiful cookie creations with you. Make a late-day batch or just admire their sugary, ethereal good looks.

Senior Digital Food Editor
Photography by: Anna Williams

Prettier Than a Picture: Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

No question about it, these cookies are art -- each is 'painted' with royal icing and sparkling sugars to give it detail and dimension.

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Seasonal Stripes: Peppermint Meringues with Chocolate Filling

These cookies require a paintbrush (a new clean one!), to paint stripes of red food coloring inside the piping bag. The combination of crisp yet melting minty meringue and creamy chocolate filling means they are irresistible.

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Photography by: Romulo Yanes

Jewel Tones: Hazelnut Sandwich Cookies

The power of powdered sugar and cutouts is shown by these glorious sandwich cookies. Any shade of jam can be used for the show-off filling -- and there's chocolate hidden inside!

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Pale and Interesting: Citrus Sugar Cookies

The pale tones of the frosting and sugars used to decorate these cookies gives them a frosty effect. Lemon zest gives them a bright, citrusy flavor.

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Photography by: Sang An

Three Times as Good: Two Kinds of Gingerbread and a Chocolate Cookie

Wild and sweet things, cut-outs of Honey-Spice Gingerbread, Dark-Chocolate Cutout Cookies, and Boiled Gingerbread Cookies, have a charming woodland theme. They're piped with outlines and details and then dusted with sanding sugar to give the impression of new-fallen snow.

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Photography by: ANITA CALERO

Coffee-Meringue Acorns

These bite-size cookies resemble a clutch of acorns collected from under an oak tree -- though they taste so much better!

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Walnut Cookies

Fabulous walnut-shaped molds and a rich chocolate-walnut filling, these cream-cheese cookies are sophisticated. Did we mention there's walnut liquor in the dough?

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Just Elemental: Crisp Sugar Doily Cookies

Simply beautiful, the intricate cutouts in these cookies are made using tiny aspic cutters.

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