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Mushroom Farmers

Still checking people off your list? Bring them the magic of gardening indoors this winter with the Back to the Roots Mushroom Farm. After watering for just 10 days, your family and friends will delight in organic Pearl Oyster mushrooms. This exciting educational experience is perfect for kids, and the culinary delight is a joy for foodies! Even better: Use the coupon code Tastemaker10 for 10 percent off and free two-day shipping on your mushroom order! Orders can be placed at

This little box is more than just mushrooms! Share the exciting story of the two entrepreneurs who bring you this magical experience.

Dedicated to inspiring families to connect with their food, Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez were college students at University of California Berkeley when they learned that it was possible to grow gourmet mushrooms from recycled coffee grounds. After successfully growing one bucket of delicious mushrooms (vetted by Ms. Alice Waters herself!), the two soon-to-be grads gave up their corporate job offers and became full-time mushroom farmers. They later paired up with the premier mushroom company in the United States and now bring you organic grow-at-home mushroom kits, using a variety of recycled plant waste.

Martha and the Mushroom Guys
Back to the Roots named a Martha Stewart American Made Award Winner, 2013


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