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4 No-Bake Treats (with DIY Packaging!) You Should Make for Valentine's Day

These homemade sweets couldn't be easier. Pick your favorites from among white chocolate-raspberry clusters and rum-raisin clusters, and chocolate-hazelnut snowballs and boozy pecan balls.

Nothing says “I’m sweet on you” quite like a box of chocolates. When you want to say it with an extra measure of heart and style, consider the package as well as what’s inside. Our ideas turn simple homemade goodies into personalized gifts, just right for your sweetie, your friends, or every kid in the class.

Photography by: Greg Vore

Have a Heart

Skip the doilies and ruffles this year -- instead, give a wood-grain chocolate box that’s chic and sweet. You can make the whole gift from scratch, fashioning the package from poster board, topping it with stick-on veneer, and filling it with bonbons tucked into mini baking cups. Or cover a store-bought box with the veneer. The white chocolate-raspberry clusters get their delicious crackle from crisp-rice cereal, while the rum-raisin variety relies on cornflakes for its satisfying crunch.


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Photography by: Greg Vore

Hip to Be Square

Adorned with graphic designs in neon pink and orange, these boxes can be used and displayed well after the holiday. Stencil the patterns onto veneer and use it to top shallow cardboard boxes (the kind usually used for gifts of jewelry). Then fill them with chocolate-hazelnut balls encrusted with coconut flakes, pecan balls spiced with cloves and spiked with cognac, or both!


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