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Zodiac Party Ideas for Grown-up Capricorns

Capricorns, born between December 22 and January 19, are known for being intense and ambitious -- but they play as hard as they work. Let your horoscope lead you to birthday bliss with these goat-inspired ideas.

Photography by: John Kernick

Goats, with their curious minds and notoriously strong stomachs, are known to eat just about anything. A kitchen-sink rainbow galette topped with (what else?) goat cheese is an appealing riff on the theme.


To drink, serve up "Grass in a Glass." Grown-ups can enjoy a refreshing cucumber-mint gin and tonic version while the underage set sip on kale-pineapple smoothies.


Goats are born climbers, and ambitious Capricorns would scale mountains for a taste of this towering jam cake.

Photography by: SUSIE CUSHNER

Channel the aforementioned mountaintop with alpine-inspired arrangements -- and maybe a mural. They'll invigorate your space even after the party is over.

Photography by: Courtesy of Claire Thomas

For down-to-business Capricorns, the ultimate type-A party craft is a chalkboard mug that lets you write out your to-do list while you sip.

If you've planned far enough in advance, you can handmake these goat's milk soaps as party favors! They're unscented and chemical-free, making them perfect for even your most sensitive-skinned guests.