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Papier-Mache Cake Toppers

Decorate a delicious cake with glittered stars.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Papier-mache stars (available in-store at Michaels)

  • Silver Mylar paper (optional)

  • Fringe scissors (optional)

  • Double-sided tape or glue (optional)


  1. Gather materials.

  2. Using a large flat brush from your basic brush set, paint a base coat of Mother of Pearl on one star. Let dry completely.

  3. Next, paint a coat of Disco Ball Glitter paint over the base coat. Paint multiple coats until desired effect is achieved. Let dry completely. Repeat on other stars with Sterling and Beetle Black.

  4. Using silver Mylar paper and fringe scissors, add a little fringe to your cake topper. Adhere with double-sided tape or glue (optional).

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